Sunday, January 8, 2012

Boobies and Pink

What are the two things that come to mind when you think Victoria's Secret? The color pink and boobs right!?
Now when you think of the color pink and boobs you think about breast cancer awareness. Don't you?
My big question for the day is why hasn't Victoria's Secret teamed up with breast cancer awareness. No two groups love boobies and pink pride more than they do. They go hand in hand and it just seems like one of those "duh" ideas. Just imagine that fundraiser; tons of gorgeous women strutting their stuff down a lighted catwalk with the breast cancer awareness ribbon on their bra straps tons of men and women would pay to see that.
Victoria's Secrets could raise more money for breast cancer awareness than any other company in the world. And it would make them look like they care about more than lacy panties and silky jammies. It shows that they care about the women in them too!

So come on Victoria Angels! Help out some.

PS when I googled Victoria's Secret breast cancer awareness I saw that they already have gotten together. Good job! Glad somebody listens to me :)

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