Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is Technology Keeping Teens out of Trouble?

What are you doing right now? You're staring at your computer screen. What are you not doing? Driving down highways smashing mailboxes out the window with a baseball bat. That is great for all the mailbox owners but has technology become the 16 year old boys babysitters? Since apps on your massive phone, Facebook, and World of War craft have gotten so popular it's rare you see 15 year old girl hiding in boys bushes spying on their ex-boyfriends new tutor. They can just hacking his Facebook.
But is technology ruining our social skills and creativity? Even when teenagers are out and about they are still texting they're cute crush or thinking about the drama at school.

There is no escaping this for teenagers. Sure it keeps us out of trouble but I have friends that would rather play Modern Warfare 3 than get a girlfriend. Is it postponing our maturity? Would teens rather live a virtual life then go around living a real one? Kids are so glued to their massive phones but what apps on there do they really need? How is Angry Birds going to help anybody? Technology is taking care of us. Right?

Let me know what you think and leave me a comment.
Now go out and solve world hunger, kick 13 clowns, and drown a checker piece in hot sauce.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitty Kitty Kitty

Cats. I have never been a big fan of them. Their meows are high pitched, they claw you and bite you for no reason, and they knock stuff over and cause a big mess. I have just always been a dog fan. For Christmas my mom decided to get my younger brother a cat. I was not very happy about this. Actually I was really upset. When this little kitten popped it's head up an automatically jumped on my lap my first reaction was to throw it across the room. I resisted my urge and just set her down. I continued on the next few days putting up with Yetti. I just ignored her, I let my younger brother feed her and play with her and I just let her be. Until, she saved my night.

A few weeks ago I got home from school and I hated everything, I didn't want to talk to anybody or do anything. I just wanted to lay in my room and cry. I was in my room and felt Yetti's fur on my hand. I started shooing her away but she immediately came back She jumped on my stomach and crawled up my chest and just layed there. She then started purring and petting my face. This seems like an odd thing but it made me feel so much better. There were no claws or teeth. No annoying meows. Just soft fur and a soothing purr.

Although I still don't like cats too much, I understand why some people like them so much. And as I write this Yetti is curled up on my lap messing up every other paragraph I type. So to those out there who love their cat, good for you. And those other kitty hatters out there, just ignore them.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day handsome pants :)