Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Servers are the Bomb

I have discovered the new greatest thing ever! Good servers!

They just make the entire dinning experience so much better. With a bad server, throughout the entire meal you are wondering whether or not he or she will get the order right, refill your drink, or if they are even going to say anything nice.
But a good server! That is an occurrence that should be cherished. They just give you a feeling that no matter how bad the conversation with your friend gets, at least you will have a waiter or waitress.

I went to eat at Olive Garden this past weekend with a friend of mine and the waitress I had was just the most adorable thing. It was an older woman with gray hair and old lady glasses. She was so smiley and sweet. She cracked jokes and complimented us. She suggested me a soup, and even called my friend a handsome gentleman.

So to all of the servers that read my blog: don't be so serious, have some fun and try to connect with your dinners.

And to my customers: be nice and grateful to your server. And tip well!

Thanks for reading! Keep smiling Hot Springs, Arkansas

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