Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Offended Instead of Flattered

I was watching the news and this story comes up about a women suing a police officer for stalking or harassment or something like that. The story is: after pulling her over the officer went and found out who she was and where she lived. Then he left a note on her door saying something along the lines of, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since I pulled you over. I feel like I owe you dinner for fining you. Do you want to get dinner. PS I get it if you don't want to go out with me." Or something like that and my first thought was what a bad word for suing. She is literally suing the man for being a hopeless romantic. I don't understand! I mean this is the ultra compliment. The officer put his job on the line by finding her.
And she sues!?

So I got to thinking and I realized, girls do it ALL THE TIME! Way too often I hear my girlfriends saying, "Oh my gosh! This 10 year old keeps calling me beautiful. I mean I barely know him. How creepy." But it isn't creepy. It's sweet! These guys, of all ages, put their pride and dignity aside just so they can call girls beautiful, or pretty, or even the guys who don't know what to say so they call them a sexy chick. It's a compliment girls so stop sticking your noses up about it.

And to make it even worse I then hear the same girls complaining about how guys aren't romantic enough. And girls say they think they are ugly and fat. Yes, the same girls that have guys calling them sweet things are worried about being ugly and fat.

I guess some women just can't appreciate what they have in front of them, tons of guys being oober nice. And all you can say is how creepy? I mean come on. I bet the women suing is the same way and always complaining about the lack of romantics the world. Well there ya go. I hope she is happy now.

So, I give total kudos to all the men out there that are still being nice and trying to impress that certain somebody. I appreciate you guys. And I am always up for hearing nice things, so feel free to call me hot stuff. It will still make my day.

Thanks for reading! Go read some more now. Rumor is it makes you smarter. But who knows?

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  1. I love this story. It's so true. women want a romantic then when guys get it right...we bury them!